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Personal Information
Full name Miss Edwina Tops-Alexander
Height 1.64m
Weight 49kg
Higher education Bachelor of Physical Education - Australian College of Physical Education: Homebush, New South Wales, Australia
Languages Dutch and English
Marital status Single
Occupation Professional rider
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Residence Valkenswaard, Netherlands
Sport Information
Coach from what year? 2002
Coach from which country? Netherlands
Name of coach Jan Tops
Preferred Discipline / Event(s) Jumping
Training Regime "I ride between five to eight horses every day. Some horses I ride two times a day depending on their program. I also try to run and eat healthy and get plenty of sleep."
When and where did you begin this sport? She started riding in North Turramurra in Sydney when she was eight. "I began riding in North Turramurra, and I went to Avondale Pony Club. I first started riding my next door neighbours horse, until I finally convinced my parents."
Why this sport? "I always had a passion for horses and I love animals very much. I chose jumping because I found it a fair sport and very challenging."
International/National Debut
Country Australia
Location Hong Kong, China
Year 1996
General Information
Ambitions "I would like to win many Grand Prix, and I would like to stop my career when I'm 50-years-old, then I will have to find something else to occupy myself." (Athlete 06/07/06)
Awards and honours In 2005 she was the Leading Lady Rider in the Cannes 4 star, was named Australian Rider of the Year and Australian Horse of the Year, Australian Young Rider Champion, Leading Rider and won a car for Valkenswaard Show over three shows, and Leading Lady Rider at the Brussels 5 star international show.

She was Australian Speed Champion in 1997 and was named the Young Rider of the Year in Australia in 1995. (Athlete 07/07/06)

General highlights 2008 CSI-W Olympia London 1st
2008 Beijing Olympic Games Indiv 9th
2008 CSI 5*-W Geneva (SUI) GP 3rd
2008 CSI 5* Brussels (BEL) 1st
2008 CSI5* Cannes GCT (FRA) GP 2nd
2008 CSI4* Wiesbaden (RT) (GER) GP 3rd
2008 CSI 3* Arezzo - Spring Tour (ITA) GP 3rd
2008 CSI 3* Grobbendonk (BEL) GP 2nd
2008 CSI 4*-W Vigo (ESP) GP 5th
2008 CSI 5* Zurich (SUI) GP 1st
2006 Aachen World Equestrian Games 4th
2006 CSI 5*-W Stuttgart (GER) 1st
2006 CSI 5* Paris Pte de Versailles 2nd
2002 WEG Jerez - 13th in Team classification
2002 WEG Jerez - 48th in Individual classification
Hero / Idol Her parents for "giving me every opportunity in my life and teaching me principals that create good people." (Athlete 06/07/06)
Hobbies Cooking, fitness, shopping and travelling. (Athlete 06/07/06)
Injuries She broke her foot during a 2005 show in Arezzo, Italy and was out for three weeks. (Athlete 07/07/06)
Memorable sporting achievement "Finishing first in the Valkenswaard 5 star Grand Prix [in the Netherlands in 2005], especially as it was on my home ground." (Athlete 06/07/06)
Most influential person in career "My boyfriend Jan Tops and my parents." (Athlete 06/07/06)
Nicknames "Basically with my name you can make a lot of other names about it, but a common one is 'Weeni'." (Athlete 06/07/06)
Other information Current horses:
Isovlas Itot du Chateau – 15.2hh 1996 Ch WB Geld by Le Tot De Semilly
Isovlas Pialotta – 1991 Bay WB Mare by Pilot
Isovlas Socrates - 1995 Ch WB Geld by Darco

She moved to Belgium in 1998 with a horse called Mr Dundee to see whether she could make a success of showjumping. "I really liked the sport a lot and I just kind of thought I should go to Europe and see if I could be good enough because … if I was no good I'd rather put my effort into doing something else. I don't like half doing things," she said. "It's taken a long time – seven years, and in that time I've ridden a lot of bad horses – but in the last year and a half I've had the most success I've ever had." She originally intended to stay in Europe for only six months, but returned in 1999 and rode for Belgian Ludo Philippaerts for three years before starting her own company buying and selling horses. During this period, she represented Australia at the 2002 WEG in Jerez, Spain, on Quelle Damme van de Heffinck, finishing 48th. Three-and-a-half years ago she moved to the magnificent Stal Tops at Valkenswaard in the Netherlands and in 2005, Stal Tops and Cees van Opstal bought Pialotta for Alexander to ride. (EFA 31/8/06)

Horse: Isovlas Pialotta. (EFA 10/8/06)

Sporting philosophy / motto "You really have to believe in yourself and your horse and try to stay calm and relaxed during competition." (Athlete 06/07/06)

"Life is what you make of it." (NSW Institute of Sport 19/09/02)

Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs She makes sure she has a good breakfast and never eats much before she rides. She also has one pair of riding pants, a shirt and a jacket that she likes to wear on important days." (Athlete 06/07/06)

International Results

Olympic Games
Jumping OG-S Hong Kong - The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (CHN) 2008 Hong Kong Indiv 9
Jumping       Team 9
World Equestrian Games
Jumping   2006 Aachen, GER Individual 4 4.00
Jumping       Team 16 47.74
World Cup
Jumping CSI 5*-W Olympia 2008 London GBR Indiv 1
Jumping CSI 5*-W 2008 Geneva SUI Indiv 3
Jumping CSI 5*-W 2008 Stuttgart Indiv 6
Jumping World Cup Final 2007 Las Vegas, NV, USA Individual 27 DNF
Jumping CSI 5* GP 2008 Brussels Indiv 1
Jumping CSI 5* Top Ten 2008 Brussels indiv 2
Jumping CSI 5* EQUITA'MASTERS BY GPA 2008 Lyon (FRA) Indiv 3
Jumping CSI 5* GP(GCT) 2008 Arrezo ITA Indiv 7
Jumping CSI 5* GP (GCT) Valkenswaard 2008 NED Indiv 3
Jumping CSI 5* Monte Carlo (GCT)Prix MTN International Carrier Services - MTN Group 2008 Monaco Indiv 1

Other Results

  Australian Results

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander with partner Jan Tops

Edwina Alexander and Isovlas Pialotta

Edwina Alexander

Edwina Alexander & Isovlas Pialotta

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